Frequently Asked Questions

 Are your products approved for NYS Inmates?
  • All of our products are careful selected to ensure that they meet the current requirements of Directive 4911 (Packages sent or brought to the facility). These requirements are subject to change without notice so If your are unsure if an item is acceptable please contact the facility prior to placing your order to make sure the item is allowed as different facilities may have different requirements for acceptable merchandise. 

 What is your Shipping Policy?

  •  Our packages are shipped twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday with a 1-3 day expected delivery time to the facility. Delivery times may vary based to product availability or carrier backups.
  • Once your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email containing tracking information and the expected delivery date.
 How will I know my package was delivered?
  • Once your package is delivered, you will receive a delivery confirmation to the email address you provided

 What are the package weight requirements?

  • Inmate may receive 2 packages a month containing food stuff for a total of 35 pounds. Food packages from both visitors and sent through the mail are included in the 35 pound weight limit. 
 What is Your Refund Policy?
  • As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service CIG Essentials offers a 15 day return policy. Orders returned within the 15 day period that are eligible for a refund will be inspected to ensure they are NEW, UNUSED, UNDAMAGED or DEFECTIVE, and processed within 5 business days of receipt of eligible items. CIG Essentials has the right to reject any items that do not meet eligibility for return and you will NOT receive a credit for rejected items. Once your refund is processed you will notified regarding the acceptance or denial of exception of items via email or paper mail.
 How do I cancel or change an order?
  •  Because orders are process as soon as they are received we ask that any modifications or cancellations be made immediately within 24hs by phone or email.
  • Cancellations, modifications or inquiries should be e-mailed to or phoned in to (800)313-9577 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM Eastern Time. We will do our best to assist you.